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High Quality LOVOL Excavator FR60 FR65 Slewing Swing Bearing Ring
  • High Quality LOVOL Excavator FR60 FR65 Slewing Swing Bearing Ring

High Quality LOVOL Excavator FR60 FR65 Slewing Swing Bearing Ring

High Quality LOVOL Excavator FR60 FR65 Slewing Swing Bearing Ring

1. OEM Quality, OEM for Famous Italy Brand.
2. Competitive Pirce with Warrantee 1 Years.

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Xiamen Winsum (WSG) Machinery Co.,Ltd

High Quality LOVOL Excavator FR60 FR65 Slewing Swing Bearing Ring

1.Product Description

1. Others Name: Slewing ring Bearing, Excavator Swing Circle, Swing Bearing
2. Standard: OEM Standard and Quality.
3. Certification: ISO 9001: 2008.

WSG is a professional slewing bearing manufacturer and facilitator. The structures of its main products are single row balls, double row balls, triple row balls, roller/ball combination, crossed rollers and slewing drive. WSG has owned a regularized production base, excellent numerical control production equipments and a complete quality inspection system. Besides, it has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication.

2.Products Show

                            About WSG Brand

Our company is composed by domestic early slewing ring leader and some of the professional and technical personnel. Our products are produced strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality
management system standard. We have exported our products to many countries: the United States, Canada,Italy, Holand, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and so on .

(1) Excavator Spare Parts In Full-Scale Are Available.
(2) 100% Quality Assurance.
(3) Quick Response Within 12 Hours.
(4) Small order allowed.
(5) Reasonable Price and Timely Delivery.
(6) Original Packing or Customized Packing.
(7) Positive Customer Feedback From Abroad Market.
(8) Excellent After-Sales Service.

Excavator Slewing Bearings are widely used for all brands of excavators, suit for follows
  Hitachi EX40-1 EX60-1-2-3-5 EX70-5 EX90 EX100-1-2-3-5 EX110-5 EX120-1-2-3-5 EX130-5 EX200-1-2-3-5 EX210-5 EX220-5 EX270 EX300-1-2-3-5 EX-330 EX330-3 EX350-5 EX400-3 EX400-5 EX470-3 EX870 ZAX60 ZX55-R ZAX70 ZAX80 ZAX110 ZAX120 ZAX130 ZAX200-3-6 ZAX210 ZAX220-5 ZAX230 ZAX240 ZAX240-3 ZAX250-3 ZAX270-3 ZAX450-1 ZAX450-3 ZAX450-5 ZAX750 UH063 UH07-7 UH083
Caterpillar E45 E60 E70B E80 E110 E120B E305 E311 E312B/C E307B/C/D E308 E315 E200 E200B E320 E320B E320C E320D E320L E324D E325/B/C/D E330/B/C E345/B E350 E365 E380 E385
Komatsu PC30  PC30-2  PC35  PC40  PC45  PC50 PC50-7  PC55  PC60-5-6-7  PC70  PC75 PC78  PC100-3-5 PC120-3-5-6-6E  PC128  PC130-7  PC150-5-7  PC160-7  PC200-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8  PC210-7  PC220-3-5-6  PC240-8  PC227  PC228  PC270-7 PC300-1-2-3-4-5-6-7  PC350-6-7  PC360-6-7  PC400-3-5-6-7-8 PC450-5-6  PC460-7 PC600-6 PC650-3  PC650  PC800 PC1000  PC1200  PC1250
Sumitomo SH50  SH60-1  SH120-1-2/A1/A2/A3/Z3/C3  SH120C3  SH260  SH200 A1/A2/A3/C2/C3/Z3  SH210-5  SH210-A5  SH220-3  SH225  SH240-3-5  SH280 SH350
Hyundai R55-5-7  R60-5-7  R70-7  R80-7  R110-7  R130-5-7  R130LC-3-5  R150-7  R170-5 R200-3-5-7  R205-7 R210  R215-7  R220-5-7-9  R225LC-7  R260-7  R280  R290-7 R290LC-3 R290LC-7 R300LC  R305LC-7  R320  R330LC  R335-7  R375  R360LC-7 R450-7  R450LC  R962
Kato HD250-7  HD307  HD450-5-7  HD512  HD513  HD516  HD400-7  HD550  HD700-1-2-5-7 HD820-1-3-7 SH800-7  HD900-7  HD1023  HD1430  HD2045  HD700
Doosan Daewoo DH35  DH55  DH60  DH80-7  DH150-5-7  DH200  DH215-7  DH220-2-3-5-7-9  DH258-7 DH280-5  DX60 DX200 DX225 DX260  DX300  DH280  DH290-5  DH300LC-7  DH340
DH360-5  DH370LC-7-9  DH420LC-7  DH500-7  DH550  DH600
Kobelco SK60-3-5  SK100  SK120-1-2-3-5  SK130-8  SK140-8  SK200-6  SK210-6  SK200-6E SK07  SK200-3-5-8  SK210-8  SK220  SK230-6  SK235  SK250-6-8  SK260-8  SK330-6 SK350-8  SK480-8
LIUGONG XCMG CLG906  CLG907  CLG908  CLG915 CLG915D  CLG205C  CLG225C  CLG220LC CLG225  CLG200 CLG200-3 CLG920D  CLG922D  CLG925D  CLG936LC  CLG936D
XE60  XE210  XE215  XE150A/B  XE230  XE370  210-8  220-8
SANY SY65  SY75  SY135  SY185  SY195  SY200  SY205  SY210  SY215-7-8-9  SY235 SY300  SY305 SY310 SY335  SY360  SY365  SY420
Volov EC55  EC210  EC210B  EC240  EC290  EC360
Liebherr R914  R916  R924  R944
Yuchai YC15  YC20  YC35  YC60  YC6-5T  YC85  YC210-8  YC230-8  YC350  YC400-8
XG60  XG808  XG815  XG820  XG822  XG823  XG825
LG6060  LG6075  LG6085  LG6090  LG6210  LG6230  LG6225  LG6235
Atlas Sunward Atlas 3306LC  2006  TC360  2306
SWE50  SWE60  SWE70  SWE80  SWE90  SWE150
    More        Models LovolFR85  FR150  FR210                  Bobcat80
SW210  SW230                                    Takeuchi135 175
CASE CX210B                                      JCM906D  JCM921  JCM922
Kubota75  161                                      ZY80  ZY210
JCB8056  JCB220                                ZW60  ZE80  JV60  SC360  HL60

3.Our Service

                WSG High quality                              WSG High quality                                  WSG High quality
  Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality      Accordance with national construction          Accordance industry-standard
        system authentication.                  machinery industry standard JG/T66-          design JB/T2300-1999.

4.Our Factory Show

            WSG Factory                                                                      WSG Warehouse
            WSG Workshop                                                                WSG Workshop

5.Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : Surround with plastic and Packing by Pallet or Wodden Case.
Delivery Details : 7 days after order of Solid bicycle tire tubes.

6.Our Certifications

Our products are produced strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard and the national construction machinery industry standard JG/T66-1999 countries as well as industry-standard design JB/T2300-1999.

            Why Choose Our Factory ?
1. More Than 12 Years Manufacturing Experience.
2. Reply Your Inquiry Within 24 Hours.
3. Professional Technical Support.
4. We Have a Large-Size Factory
5. Good Ability of Cost Control Brings
You Reasonable Price, Long-Term Partner of Shipping
brings You Low Freight.
6 .Customers' drawing or samples, accepted.

        What's the delivery time?
        Generally it is within 7 days if the goods
        are in stock.Or it  is 15-20 days if the goods are
        not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Please send us inquiry from online service. Also can     
contact us directly by our company E-Mail or
WhatsApp or Skype. We will reply you within 12 Hours.

Just feel free to contact us any time.(^_^)