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Yanmar Excavator Parts YM55 YM75 Track Bottom Roller | WSG Machinery
  • Yanmar Excavator Parts YM55 YM75 Track Bottom Roller | WSG Machinery

Yanmar Excavator Parts YM55 YM75 Track Bottom Roller | WSG Machinery

Yanmar Excavator Parts YM55 YM75 Track Bottom Roller

1. OEM Quality, OEM for Famous Italy Brand.
2. Competitive Pirce with Warrantee 1 Years.

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Xiamen Winsum (WSG) Machinery Co.,Ltd

Yanmar Excavator Parts YM55 YM75 Track Bottom Roller

1.Product Information






Black or yellow


forging, casting, machining, heat treatment

Surface Hardness

HRC50-56,deepth: 8-12mm


ISO9001:2000/GB/T24001-2004/OHSAS 18001:1999

FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD 20-200/Piece


1 piece

Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established

Track roller must holds the weight of equipments along with load,it requires precision,strength and durability.

Our track roller for excavators are specially designed, engineered and manufactured for high impact applications.Bulldozer track rollers are designed for applications that call for the maximum wear resistance.

Track Roller

Excavator Track Roller

Raw material: 

Our carbon steel and stainless steel are supplied by the big companies all over China, 

such as Shanghai BaoSteel, Hangzhou Iron & steel. etc.

 Track RollerTrack Roller

Our product quality all reach OEM standard, to you in the hand of the products must pass the 

following process:EQC---IPQC---FQA--OQC

2.Production Equipment:

Track Roller

Track Roller

Track Roller

1.Forging: More than 10 giant processing machines include forging machine which has 1600tons capacity
 and cold heading machine which has 350 tons capacity.

2.Machining: Nearly one hundred machines including advance NC turning lather, NC milling machine, and
 other professional machines.

3.Heat Treatment: Apply advanced non-through controlled atmosphere high temperature mesh belt furnace, 
high frequency quenching producing line, and auto-control cementation furnace. 

3.Track Roller Parts Photo

bottom roller

4.Stock products show

bottom roller

bottom roller

bottom roller 

5.Quality control system

bulldozer bottom roller

Our factory have set a reliable quality control system, and is equipped with advanced testing equipments.
Such like: Spectrum  Analyzer, Intelligent Carbonsulfur Analyzer, Automatic Elemental Analyzer, Metallo-
graphic Image Analysis System, Computer Fluorescent Magnetic Flaw Detector, Significant Hydraulic
Universal Testing Machine, Electro-hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine, Pendulum Impact Test Machine,
Three Coordinate Measuring Instrument etc.

We do IQC, IPQC, FQC in every step to make our products perfect. These ensure the products are made
 with the good-standard and high-quality.



 bottom roller


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